Flower Stem Weaving

I love dried flowers. I have saved and dried most of the flowers my husband has bought me over the years. As I was arranging some dried flowers in a vase last week I  got this brilliant idea to use dried flower stems to hang some of my work.

4.21.17 004a wm

I just happened to have this handwoven piece left over from a weaving demonstration. I love the character and texture of the yarns and I love the colors pallet.

4.21.17 003a wm

So, I added some fringe and tied it to a dried flower stem. I decided to only attach it to the stem on the corners because I liked the negative space between the stem and the top border of the weaving. I also like the shape of the entire weaving, slightly wider on the bottom then the top because it adds to the character. Also, the fringe is cut uneven for additional texture.

4.21.17 001a wm4.21.17 005a wm

I love how this turned out!! I think its one of my favorites! I would love to be able to sell some of these but the dried flower is so fragile I have no idea how I could preserve it to keep its shape during transportation. I will have to research it and if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to share. In the meantime, this little piece is hanging on my wall for my own personal pleasure. 🙂


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